The Bikeriders Box Fight

2v2 PvP Practice Arena

Vote between 2 unique loadouts each round in this fast-paced 2v2 box fight inspired by the movie The Bikeriders, coming to theaters June 21, 2024.


Fists or Knives?

Join the Chicago Vandals in an immersive, action packed, 2v2 build-fight experience Inspired by the upcoming movie The Bikeriders. In this fast-paced box brawl, you’ll vote on your weapon loadout and battle in the neighborhood surrounding the biker bar, set against the gritty backdrop of 1960’s Chicago. Featuring iconic scenes and quotes from the film, this game is an epic battle. Play now!


All-Star Cast Members (Jodie Comer, Austin Butler & Tom Hardy)
Weapon Loadouts to Choose From
Amazing Movie

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