Spice Wars Battle Royale

Battle Royale Free for All Respawn

A free-for-all battle amongst the shifting sand dunes. Beware the hidden sand monsters lurking beneath the dunes as you battle!


Fight & Survive!

Prepare yourself for an adventure in Umi Games’ Spice Wars! Step into a sci-fi world where 16 players are dropped into a sprawling desert landscape, tasked with scavenging for weapons and spice to gain an edge and eliminate their rivals.

As the playable area gradually shrinks, players must utilize their combat skills and strategic thinking to outlast their opponents. However, you must also be aware of the deadly sand monsters hidden beneath the dunes and ready to strike at any moment.

Spice Wars Battle Royale is an adrenaline-pumping experience. Are you ready to conquer the sands and emerge victorious?


Hidden Chests
Grains of Sand
Giant Sandworms

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