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GAMING is the future of Marketing.

Tom Parry
Marketing Director
3 min read
Posted 3 Weeks Ago

In my career I’ve witnessed the evolution from Traditional > Digital > Social and now, VIRTUAL. Gaming represents the latest revolution of how Brands connect with audiences.

Why? Because that’s where Next Gen attention is.

84% of those aged 16-34 game at least once per week, spending TWICE as much time gaming vs. social media. Yes, TWICE.

And beyond this adoption by a diverse GLOBAL audience who consume traditional media at record lows, GAMING offers something completely NEW - the peanut butter-and-jelly combination of mass AWARENESS and deep immersive ENGAGEMENT.

Subsequently there has been an explosion in BRANDS entering this space, building unique and interactive games on emerging online platforms, which deliver both FUN for gamers and EQUITY for the brand.

HOWEVER, building it does not mean players will come. 2023 is already littered with great brand experiences that receive little attention.

Why? Because MARKETING games on these online platforms is a mystery to most.

During my time leading the Ralph Lauren campaign in Epic Games #Fortnite, we exceeded our expectations but also learnt invaluable lessons across a campaign that included creating a game, physical product born from digital assets, and a global livestream event hosted by top tier gaming talent.

Building great games is only the beginning - the meeting of marketing and gaming is where true SUCCESS is unlocked.